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Get Paid For Your Opinions

For a Company to sell its product or service, it must know what is important to the everyday people who use it. Smart companies ask you, their customers, what matters to them.

We help them to understand the opinions that matter: yours. In order to make this happen, every day companies pay people like you to participate in paid surveys, focus groups, round table discussions, product testing, etc, in order to gain your feedback. More and more, these kinds of studies are taking place to give people the chance to tell companies what they want. Those who participate not only get paid for their opinions, they also represent thousands of people like themselves.

When we pay you for your opinions, your feedback is vital to important research on how companies can improve their products, services, advertising, and overall performance.

Typically, these discussions pay from $50 to $150 for one to two hours, depending on the topic, qualifications, etc. When you sign up, your information goes into our secure system. When we begin a new paid survey or focus group, we contact you via telephone or email to request your participation. Then, you will go through a very brief screening process over the phone or online in order to find out if you are one of the consumers our client is looking for. After qualifying, you will be given a location, date and time for the survey or focus group. All you have to do is show up!

Please be aware that because we contact people via phone or email, you should provide us with both if you want the best chance of being contacted. Also, while most of this information is not required, the more information you give us the greater your chances of being contacted are.

We recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions and our Privacy Statement before filling out this form. Then, fill it out so you get notified asap of the next paid research project or paid survey that you may be eligible to participate in!

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Consumer Info

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How may times per week do you eat... How many times per year do you travel...
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What four radio stations do you listen to most often? What four magazines do you read most often?
List your four favorite hobbies or pastimes: List four organizations you or your family belong to:

Family Info

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Other Info

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Auto Insurance Cell Phone Service
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